THIS WIND – Pre-Production Begins

Pre-production is underway for This Wind!

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a short film about two lost souls who get drunk and commiserate in a field in late 1940’s Alberta. Was fortunate enough to receive a grant for this film, so we’ve got a bit of a budget for once and we’re hoping to turn that into something special. Ironically, having more money can often be constricting; more money, more problems. But what it does is allow me is the opportunity to hire people better than myself to work with me, and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospects.

Returning as Director of Photography will be my good friend Aerlan Barrett. He shot my last film, Cities And Plains, with basically no lights and some of the cheapest glass known to mankind and did, I think, a fantastic job. We’re both happy to have the opportunity to shoot with a bigger camera, bigger lights, and better glass; I think this film calls for all of those things. Check out some of his photography and frames he’s curated from some of his favourite cinematographers here:

And producing the film will be my good friend Katelyn Mann. Though we already knew each other tangentially from Edmonton circles, we really became friends when we attended film school together in Vancouver. After graduating, she stayed on the West Coast while I returned home to the prairies, and we’ve each slowly been building our credits in our own little ways ever since. I’ve wanted to work together on something for years, and now we finally have the opportunity. She runs a tight ship! Couldn’t be more pleased to have her on board.

We’ll be casting and finding locations soon! The shoot is scheduled to take place at the end of August. I don’t want to say too much about it, but this song may or may not feature prominently.

Lots of other stuff to shoot in the meantime, including at least two music videos for local studs. But more on that later.

Until next time.

Dylan Rhys Howard

June 2013