“Doug Hoyer – One Foot” Premieres On exclaim.ca!

I remember the first time Doug Hoyer asked me if I wanted to work together with him on a video. It was early December, 2011 and we were at Old Ugly Recording Company royalty Joe and Beth Gurba’s old apartment off Saskatchewan Drive here in Edmonton, Alberta. It was a party of some kind; the one-bedroom was practically bursting with musicians and comedians and visual artists and general weirdos of all kinds. And Doug, who I knew but not especially well at the time, told me we wanted to do a music video for his terrific song “Oh, The Wind Will Blow” and he wanted it to be simple: black and white, one take. I don’t know if he knew at the time just how in-sync our aesthetic preferences were/are, but needless to say I was thrilled. A month later, we shot the video. It’s still one of my favourite things.

Cut to: March 2013. Doug is finishing a new album, and he has an idea for a new video. Also black and white. Also one take. And he says he’s talked to the wonderful people who make up the Good Women Dance Collective and that they’re already on-board to choreograph a dance for the video. He says he wants to incorporate and build on what he’s been doing with projectors in his live show. He says he wants me to shoot it in the summer.

The thrill of collaborating with other artists who inspire you is the best thing I’ve figured out how to spend my time doing so far. When those artists are not only terrific at what they do, but also among the nicest and most supportive people you’ve had the pleasure of meeting in your short life, it’s really something special. Shooting this video was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I hope it does the song some small justice, and I hope it has a nice little life as this great album of Doug’s starts to circulate. Most of all: I hope we get to do it all again someday soon.

Until next time.


Edmonton, AB

“Doug Hoyer – One Foot” on exclaim.ca!