Layne L’Heureux – “Funeral Of A Former Self” Premieres on The Low Level Hum

It’s sometime in April, 2013. The Elevation Room, an all-ages venue in downtown Edmonton, is closing. I’m there because Tyler Butler is playing as part of a farewell show to the venue and I play and sing in Tyler’s band. I’m in search of another beer when I see the enigmatic Layne L’Heureux over by the entrance. He’s dressed in denim and Chuck Taylors, looking Rock n’ Roll as fuck as usual. Layne waves me over. He says he wants to make a music video with me. He says he wants to wear makeup and he has this glowing orb. “Great, let’s do it.”

Over the next few months, we shot whenever we could. Layne charmed the shit out of the owners of a Chinese restaurant and we invaded their space to shoot the opening shot. Layne fell in love with this gold mask and we decided to put it in the video. We walked around Edmonton just north of downtown and shot wherever it looked kinda weird. We drove out to Layne’s studio above an airplane hanger and shot his band playing the song for basically the first time. We did whatever we wanted. Mostly we just had fun and Layne smoked cigarettes out the car window.

Now it’s August, 2013 and I see Layne at The Empress Ale House on a Monday night. He’s just seen the final cut of the video. He likes it so much, he says, he wants to buy me a bouquet of flowers. I realize I sort of love this guy and I’m sad that we won’t have this excuse to keep hanging out, so I start trying to invent a new one. I tell him I’ll look forward to the flowers. I try and remember the last time I received flowers…

My good friend Becky interviewed Layne about his new record. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to share our new video. If you have 1/4 as much fun watching it as we had making it, you’ll be having a pretty good time.

Layne L’Heureux on The Low Level Hum

Thanks as always. Until next time.


Edmonton, AB