T-Minus One Week

One year ago, TrinaAerlan, and I were running all over Edmonton shooting Cities And PlainsWe had no money and no permission to shoot anywhere, so we just went wherever we wanted, using wireless mics to conceal the fact that we were even making a movie. Aerlan constructed a make-shift shoulder mount out of an old tripod. We almost got kicked out of Ikea. It was the most fun I’d ever had making a movie. And as it turns out: some people even like the movie we made.

Cut to a year later and we’re making another movie, only this time we have a provincial government arts grant. We have a crew. We have a real movie camera. We even have a script this time.

I week from right now we will hopefully be wrapping a very full shoot day with another short film in the can. I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out, but what I do know is that I have a great crew of people trying to help me tell this story to the absolute best of our ability. I’m very thankful for those people.

Very excited to share this film with the world. I think it can really be nice if we manage to do our jobs.

Until next time.


Edmonton, AB