As Autumn Moves In

Autumn is an incredible season. There’s nothing I can say about it that people far more talented than me haven’t already said better, but the power of the change implicit in Fall’s leaves and cold winds demands some comment. This autumn I have the distinct pleasure of helping a good friend make a film that takes place during this remarkable season in the city we both call home. It’s giving me an opportunity to step outside and see winter approach a little more each day. It’ll be here soon. Just not until after we finish shooting, please.

I’ve also been commissioned to document the final year in the life of an old and failing bridge. The 102nd Ave Bridge near High Street and the old museum is being torn down next summer. Minimalist sculptor Faye Heavyshield was selected to commemorate the bridge with a work of public art – she’s going to build her piece out of scrap metal from the bridge and it will sit at the base of where the old bridge used to be when the new bridge is built. Faye contacted me about using audio and video to preserve the memory of the old bridge on her project’s website. Very early-on in our conversations we realized that our understandings of the world and creative work are very much in-sync. I’m repeatedly amazed with how much the arts community in this city can feel like a second family. I don’t take it for granted. I’m going to try my best to capture the spirit and presence of this old metal giant. The beauty in the functionality and simplicity. The sadness in how it shakes noticeably now as cars go across. The sound of its voice.

Other projects abound as well. More to share later. I’m hoping to start taking a lot more pictures of people and places I’m interested in, like the one above, and putting them here; keep an eye on it if you have some spare seconds in your crowded day.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

102nd Ave Bridge
102nd Ave Bridge