A Conversation I May Or May Not Have Had With A Complete Stranger In Blue River

“You making good time? I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the mountains this smoothly.”
“Yeah, we’re doing well! Not so many people today.”
“Where you headed?”
“Prince George. You?”
“Where you coming from?”
“Long day.”
“What’re doing in Vancouver?”
“Little business, little pleasure.”
“What’s business?”
“I’m an independent filmmaker? Believe it or not.”
“Well they got more film business in Vancouver than in Edmonton, I bet!”
“Yeah, I don’t really care about that.”
“You making a movie?”
“I guess so. I’m finishing my new short film.”
“A short film. Where can I see it when it’s done?”
“Well that’s sorta tricky. Short films don’t really get seen that much – the market’s kinda weird for them. Mostly they’re to prove to other movie people that you know what you’re doing so that they give you money to make a not-short film.”
“For example, Steven Spielberg made a bunch of short films that played at film festivals before he ever made JAWS or CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.”
“I like JAWS! That’s a good one.”
“So do you?”
“Do I what?”
“Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Oh. Well, I’m still learning. But I think I have half a clue at least.”
“Better than NO clue.”
“Well. You take care. Best of luck. Hope I get to see your name in the credits someday.”
“Thanks. Best of luck to you too. Safe travels.”
“Make a western sometime!”