The Dead

Jim Cuming has introduced me to almost everyone I know and love. He is one of my absolute favourite musicians in the whole world, and one of my best friends. I love everything he has ever put out unconditionally, but his new record puts the rest of his catalogue to shame. It’s a tremendous achievement, one I think even someone as humble as Jim can be unwaveringly proud of.

Jim asked me to make this small film to accompany one of the songs on his new album (which you can pre-order here) and I was thrilled to have anything to do with it. We cruised up and down Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue in Jim’s Corolla as the bars let out, hoping to capture the tragic antics of the inebriated masses. Another night, after wrapping my shift at The Metro Cinema around 1 AM, I wandered home down Whyte holding my camera as discretely as possible, slightly terrified that some drunken meathead would realize I was filming and take issue with it. I made it home safely and stitched the two nights together into what is hopefully an equally critical and loving portrait of the animalistic ritual called “nightlife.”

Hope you enjoy the song and the video. If all goes well, Jim and I will make a few more before it’s all said and done. Look forward to sharing more later.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB