Unsafe, Unsure

Via Facebook – January 8th, 2014:

Marlaena: “Hey. Wanna do a music video when you’re free?”

Me: “Boy do I ever. For what song?” [sic -ugh]

Marlaena: “Not sure. Give me your email, I’ll send you the album and you can pick. The one that inspires you.”

When Marlaena sent me the album, I listened to every track dutifully, trying to dream up ideas. But I knew the song I had to do long before I sat down. “Unsafe, Unsure” absolutely destroys me every time I hear it. The power of Marlaena’s voice as the song builds and builds consistently hits me psychosomatically in the solar plexus. I think it’s incredible. It’s one of my favourite things. I had to a video for it. But what should it be? I was terrified of fucking up the song with a shitty video. That would be a travesty – like going to an art gallery and throwing red paint on someone else’s finished canvas.

I knew that I could never come up with an idea that would do the song justice myself, so I mined my favourite films for inspiration. I listened to the song over one of my favourite scenes from Faces, where two business men compete for the attention of their “hostess,” and it seemed to work so well. I thought: maybe I can do a cover scene, like a cover song. So I asked my friend Blake if I could borrow his condo for a few hours and asked some actors I’d been hoping to play with for a while if they’d come down, dress up, and hang out with me for three hours. The result is (I think) a pretty nice little film that (I think) plays well with the song and showcases some pretty terrific performances from some impressive young actors.

I hope you enjoy this little film. Or at the very least that it doesn’t ruin the song for you. This is my first music video that was conceived and directed by me alone, and I’m proud of it, for better or worse.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB