Spring…Such As It Is

Spring feels even more stunted than usual this year. It’s mid-May and leaves are just finally starting to poke through. I realized the other day that we only really have leaves on our trees here for maybe 1/3 of the year. Maybe that’s depressing to some people. But maybe they just need to try and see the beauty in a naked tree. Maybe that’s the only way to live here and really live.

2014 has been sort of a tough year for me so far, for personal reasons. But work has been exciting and new and challenging and different. I had a great time making videos for MOD Contemporary Dance Movement ; they had their year-end show in April. And through my work with them I was approached by a family to create a video commemorating a fallen loved one, a sort of tribute to a life lived. That was really special. It was a tremendous responsibility to create something tasteful, and something that accurately represented someone I’d never met. But in talking with the family and hearing them speak about this person, I got to know him better than maybe a lot of people. The project sort of surprised me. I was present at the commemoration where it showed and everyone who was gathered there to celebrate and remember this person seemed to really enjoy the video I’d made. It was probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my career to date. I’ll remember that night for a while.

I’ve been making a lot of little videos for the web lately. Shooting a lot of live bands, like this vid of my good friend Doug and his new line-up playing live at The Artery. Also made a small promo for The City Of St. Albert and their new youth festival which will run in the fall. Keeping busy with little odds and ends, piecing a little life together, trying to figure out what my next film is going to be. I have a title and an ending. That’s a good start.

While I’m not producing a film of my own right now, I have a bunch of exciting projects on the go right now that will carry me through the summer months, but I can’t write too much about them until they get a little further in development. But suffice to say: it should be a busy and enjoyable summer.

I’m heading down to Calgary this weekend to buy my friend Mike’s old pickup truck. I’ve been without a car since the beginning of March when I went off the road coming home late during a snow storm after a shoot out in the country. Looking forward to being mobile again. She’s an old farm truck, this truck of Mike’s. Been around. I’m excited to take care of her for a while.

And of course: still submitting This Wind to festivals and hoping people around the world might want to catch a glimpse of our humble prairie flick. Honestly I sort of can’t see the forest through the trees (if you’ll excuse the sylvan metaphor for a prairie film) with that movie anymore, which happens. But people see it and often tell me it’s beautiful and I like to think they’re not just saying it for my benefit. I think I know they’re not.

Finally: had a terrific afternoon wandering around and shooting some photos with my friend Carmyn today because I needed some new press shots. Carmyn is legitimately one of my favourite artists. It was great to get to hang out with her, and I can’t wait to update this site with new pictures. Look out for them!

Hope you’re enjoying the new look of this site, BTW. Tyler and I had fun with it.

Until next time!

Dylan – Edmonton, AB


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