Sixty-One Days In Missinipe – Vol. 2

Maybe it seems silly that, despite being surrounded by majestic scenery, I started writing about Northern Saskatchewan by describing a coffee cup. The trees and the lakes and the sky are beautiful, but these are very big things. I have to start small.


The treacherous gravel road that spans the eighty kilometres between the towns of La Ronge and Missinipe is  littered with vehicles that have been stolen, joy ridden, and abandoned. The road is tight and serpentine, and the logging trucks with a schedule to keep have no sympathy for other motorists; the stakes are much higher if the trucks go off the road, so they stay as central as possible and don’t so much as shrug their shoulders at the consequences. Everyone here, including myself now several times, has had close calls on that road. The proprietor of the general store tells me recently he had one so close that he had to stop the truck, get out, and catch his breath, try not to puke.


The head chef here is one of the happiest people I’ve ever met, despite being limited to slinging burgers in a remote camp. I say “I need some of that energy today. How much are you selling it for?”

“You want to know what my secret is?” he replies. “Don’t go to bed mad. If you go to sleep angry, it fucks up your whole next day. Just clear your head. Let it go.”

This was an offhand remark as he put lunch out for the staff. I think I’ll probably remember it forever.


Until next time.

Dylan – Missinipe, SK – Day 18 –


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