Sixty-One Days In Missinipe – Vol. 6

Back again.

There is a chill in this Northern air these last few days. Not even the end of August and already winter feels like it’s right around the corner. It’s truly a different country up here. I’ve only brought the one sweater; wondering now if that’ll be sufficient.

I work from sunup to sundown. There is nothing else. During the day, I focus all of my attention towards trying to extract plot and character from my increasingly still surroundings. At night, I work as best I can on projects that linger from back home. I feel like I’m in full possession of my mental faculties for the first time all year. Time to take advantage.


This place is the frontier. In the cabin adjacent to ours, a group of men and women leave every morning and go out prospecting for gold. We forget how much of this country is perhaps not undiscovered, but basically unknown. Being here makes it impossible to forget. The fringes of society. The law is enforced by common sense and mutual respect. Conflict with the local Indian band is a near-daily occurrence. It’s like a modern interpretation of a John Ford film. A neo-western. Simultaneously daunting and inspiring.

Must be up in a few hours, ready should something unexpected happen. The Northern Lights are not out tonight. They will get brighter as the nights get colder. Something to look forward to.

Until next time.

Dylan – Missinipe, SK

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