“The Market” Premieres On EXCLAIM!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Craig Schram of The Provincial Archive over the last few months after we made a little video together in the spring. As far as I’m concerned, Craig’s combination of dedication, professionalism, kindness, and honesty is unparalleled. When he asked me to conceive and direct a video for this terrific Provincial Archive tune, I was honoured and a little afraid. We went back and forth on a couple of treatments and eventually decided on this idea of him robbing a store and running for his life in slow motion while singing the song to the camera.

Shooting the video took probably three times longer than it should have. Initially I thought it would work as a one shot sort of deal, but when I started editing it was clear that it was just too long with not enough happening to ask of an internet audience with literally a million other things to do. So we went back the next available cloudy day and shot close-ups, only to lose everything to a faulty CF card. On the day I had been initially been asked to deliver the final video, we had to go back once more and reshoot the close-ups we had lost. Then I cut like a mad fool to finish the video as soon as possible while simultaneously juggling two other shoots that I hadn’t planned on having overlap.

Poor Craig did this run probably fifty times. He joked a few times over the course of our correspondence while I was putting the video together that what we were going through resembled what Axel Rose must have felt during the production of Chinese Democracy. But at the end of the day, I think we have pretty great little video. A good lesson in the power of pick-ups.

If you’re wondering how we made it, my cinematographer Christina sat in the back of my parents’ Mazda 3 hatchback while my little brother drove the car and ran playback. Craig had to sing the song 2.5 times faster than its actual tempo in order for the lip-synch to match up when we slowed the video down. It was an interesting little dance, but we pulled it off.

Read about the video on Exclaim here.


Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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