Sixty-One Days In Missinipe Cut Short

I should be writing from Missinipe right now.

That was the plan. The last shoot for me was scheduled to take place from September 21st to October 1st. But the network decided that for the remaining scenes they wanted to bring in a more experienced director, something for which I absolutely cannot blame them, even though I am confident I could have executed them just as well or better.

The truth is that I was relieved to get the call informing me my services were no longer required. I learned a lot about The North and about myself while working on Fish Camp, and it came along at a time in my life where I absolutely needed to get out of Edmonton and have something to focus on. But the show definitely ran its course for me, and it was starting to become maddening in its monotony and isolation.

Back home in Edmonton, there is much to be done. I’m still co-producing and co-directing a documentary with my good friend Blake of Back Road Productions. And most recently I’ve been helping my friend Heather, pictured above with her daughter Rowan, shoot her first film. We generally shoot for a few hours, then Rowan has a nap and Heather and I drink strong coffee and talk about movies and sex and love and the state of the world. Heather used to run the independent video store that I would frequent, but it shut down like so many before it as the market continues to evaporate. She still has stacks and stacks of DVDs in her basement and is slowly selling them off one by one.

There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything that I want to do. I suppose this is a common problem. It’s better than the alternative.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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