Winter Light

It’s ironic that not posting on one’s website makes it seem like one isn’t doing anything post-worthy, when in fact most of the time it’s because one is doing so many post-worthy things that it becomes difficult to take the time to post about them. Now that sentence already makes this whole thing sound disappointingly self-congratulatory, but I’m going to power through.

In short, it’s been a thrilling fall. I wrote and co-directed some commercials for broadcast, interviewed the mayor of Edmonton, and produced three music videos, two of which I also wrote and directed. I would like it very much if the way things have been going over the last few months became the new norm. But I’ve been doing this long enough by now to know that everything could come to a standstill tomorrow. I’ll be fine either way.

Now winter is slowly creeping in and over everything. Usually it has snowed by now. The weather here is not usually so courteous as to recognize that spring was very late in coming and extend the autumn accordingly, but this sort of seems to be the case this year. I appreciate the break, but I’m actually looking forward to winter. I have a few stories I’d like to get to tell this year that are set in the dark and cold. My last two films were all rolling hills and sunsets and I’d like to get away from that for a while. Mostly I just want to make another movie.

As the winter approaches and the sun gets lower in the sky, the way the light pours in through my east-facing kitchen window in the morning is transformative. It’s a daily reminder that winter brings its own beauty, cold and difficult as it is. These reminders are important, maybe even essential, when you live in a place that really, without electricity, just barely supports human life.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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