Nose To The Grindstone

Nearly two months into 2015 already. Tyler says we should update my website. I agree. My friend Lizzie moves into the apartment across the hall. We stay up late drinking bourbon and discussing how to become better writers. Or at the very least we wax quasi-poetic about all the things we want to write. When I hand something off to her to read I know that she will judge it honestly but with compassion. I hope that I offer her the same grace. It’s a good arrangement. Sometimes we make breakfast. She adds a touch of cardamom to her pancake batter and it really puts them over-the-top IMO.

Day-to-day affairs tremendously exciting. Documentary web series I have written and produced goes online. Proud of what we’ve done with it (but still a tremendous amount of work to do). Hope people take its messaging to heart, actualize the incredible potential for widespread social change. Also producing a film with Evan Prosofsky –  a remarkable talent and a kind dude making a movie that I want to see very badly: a cross-section of life in Alberta captured on IMAX. Camera weighs a hundred pounds. After moving it around for three days my back feels similar to how it did after my little car accident last year. Finding equipment for IMAX incredible logistical challenge in Edmonton. Mostly Evan just ends up having to buy everything. Edmonton is a simultaneously amazing and impossible place to make movies in.

Receive grant from Make Something Edmonton to make a film about my good friend Jom Comyn. Taking advantage of having some $$$ by shooting some gold old fashioned motion picture film. Super 8 and Super 16. Going to play with intercutting and juxtaposing film footage with super crisp digital images from fancy 4K camera. The effect of format on subject is tremendous to observe. Have long admired how other Edmonton filmmakers like Lindsay McIntyreaAron munson, and Kyle Armstrong do this – excited to throw my veritable hat into the ring. Use of multiple formats representative of the multiple perspectives or opinions you can hold about something or someone – how the item or place or person might not change at all, but the way you look at it/them changes all the time. Or maybe I just want to play with some old cameras. Either way it’s fun.

Learning French. Progress is slow. Giving myself reasonable timeline: would love to be able to read/write/speak functionally by the time I’m fifty or so, give or take a decade. Immediacy is the problem with so many things.

Perpetually searching for the right story. Several ideas always circling but always elusive. Endeavouring to be more headstrong and commit to one, but it’s difficult when you constantly find yourself pulled in so many directions. Still think the best outlet for narrative work right now is series of short films thematically specific to oil country. Have several stories outlined. Struggling to find the time to write (or perhaps simply not prioritizing effectively). So existentially arduous, writing. Never gets any easier. Want to be good now, but also have realistic timeline for this. Expect to have more-or-less figured out how to write by the time I’m sixty. Should be enough time if I’m disciplined. Leaves plenty of time for chasing girls and sleeping off hangovers on friends’ couches. Time will tell.

Hope you like the new site as much as we do.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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