LIfetimes Of Snow: After Dark

It’s just after 1:30 in the morning. The lion’s share of the editing happens after dark for me now . It’s too hard to focus when people are up and emails are flying in and out and the sun is shining brightly through your window and the cafe is open and beckons to you to come and sip coffee and read your book and maybe see someone you know.

I can hear a train horn in the distance. If there’s one thing I’m romantic about (there’s more than one thing…) it’s a train horn cutting through the night, bellowing out, resonating clearly through the vacated city streets.

I have to have this film finished by Thursday. It’s going to mean a few pretty late nights. I’m exceedingly okay with this.

Every project is the same. You dread sitting down to edit because you’re terrified that despite everything you’ve shot, there isn’t actually a film in all those gigs and gigs of video. And you’re so intimidated by the amount of footage that even if there is a film in there somewhere, it seems impossible to find. But as you start laying clips down one by one, you realize that maybe this might be the best thing you’ve ever made.

Enjoy this little clip of Jim on 99th. Shot with love by aAron munson on Super16mm film.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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