Hello. This new movie I’ve put together, a little love-letter to my friend Jim, will be showing at this year’s FAVA Fest, the annual celebration of Edmonton-area independent media art hosted by the Film And Video Arts Society – Alberta. It will play at the end of Thursday night’s program – that’s April 16th, 2015 at 7 PM at the Metro Cinema @ The Garneau Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Bizarrely I won’t be there because I sort of stumbled into a cool opportunity to spend some time in Los Angeles, but I hope that if you’re reading this you consider going to see not only my film, but all the interesting programming the good people at FAVA have put together for this year’s festival.

Listen to more about what’s happening at FAVA Fest (including a brief interview w/ yours truly around 16:33) on last week’s edition of CJSR’s Moving Radio. 

Again: if you aren’t able to make the screening for whatever reason, please just send me an email and I’d be thrilled to send you a link to the film.

Will have more to say about this trip to LA soon I’m sure.

Until next time.

Dylan – Los Angeles, CA

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