Written At Glenn’s

On the road behind the wheel of a ’96 pickup with no real deadline. Usually like to take the back roads when time’s not a factor but the truth is it’s murder trying to pass on a two lane with the old girl here, especially on no breakfast, so I reluctantly detour back to the QE2 where as everyone knows you barely have to drive at all and you just put on the radio and your mind goes and floats a mile or so above everything. There is nothing more beautiful than an Albertan side road on an overcast day, the way the fields span out into infinity until finally they meet the grey sky, a majestic palette of green and yellow and grey. Leave your oceans behind.

Until next time.

Dylan – Glenn’s Family Restaurant, Red Deer Alberta (Proverbially and colloquially known [at least among my immediate clan] as “The Tea Pot.”)

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