Slow Down Don’t Slow Down

And that was summer.

I can’t remember ever being so busy. Couldn’t be more thrilled.

In the fall last year, Christina and I made this video for Ann Vriend as one of our jobs for Back Road Productions. It’s my first attempt at a real pop video, with bright colours and romance and all that. I think it suits the song well! Happy it’s finally out.

Have spent a lot of time over the last few months producing projects for friends. It feels good to be empowered with the knowledge and ability to put a production together with considerably less stress than before, to not be intimidated by the precarious workings of insurance, procurement of talent and equipment, budgeting, etc. Put a really terrific cast and crew together for Nash’s short film Champ, which will hopefully be done and off to festivals in early 2016. Proud of everyone.

Assembled a one-minute silent film out of those little Instagram pieces I was making on my iPhone back in July. Called it (pretty pretentiously, I’ll now admit…) A Brief Portrait Of A Northern Summer In Progress, and it will be playing alongside a host of other terrific 60-second snapshots as part of the Gotta Minute Film Festival next week. The festival takes over screens usually reserved for advertising in local Edmontonian LRT stations next week. Lizzie and Jenna made a film that will be in the festival as well.

On Saturday I start teaching the introductory filmmaking class at The Film And Video Arts Society – Alberta, very charmingly labeled “Video Kitchen.” I’ve always wanted to teach. It was my plan to go into education before I dropped out of university and went to film school. It seems silly in so many ways to be in the position of teaching something of which I am still very much a student: filmmaking. But hopefully I can introduce some new people to the basics of putting pictures together and empower them to explore themselves and the world around them with the help of a lens. The fun part so far has been thinking about suggested viewing, determining a list of films that are representative of certain fundamental aspects of filmmaking. What is the film to watch that best illustrates the concept of editing, or of cinematography, or screenwriting? These are unanswerable questions, and correspondingly the most enjoyable to ponder.

Lit up by warm incandescent light as the world outside our 99th Street window slows down and everything quietens, Lizzie and I listen to ambient drones and do our best work.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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