got this thing for a few thousand bucks from my rambling man folk friend mike tod went half-in with my dad because he uses it sometimes to haul plane parts out to the hangar though it was one of those things where it was obviously a better deal for me i mean he hardly even drives it really he was mostly helping me out but that’s fine I needed it (a little help)  – put more into fixing it up at the mechanic’s than we paid to buy the thing but that’s the way it works with old cars right and the way these guys say ‘these old chevy trucks run forever’ you really believe them – i seen one with over 400 000 clicks on it looked good as new i mean they’d obviously fixed it up and everything and painted it nice too but still that odometer doesn’t lie you know?

i’ve never taken er this far though and even though they tell me ‘she’s in great shape mechanically’ i mean you never know with an old car right and there’s been weird little things acting up like the heat’s been cutting in and out and the other week i had to wrap myself tight in a blanket as i drove out to a location through the frigid morning and i thought ‘i know it’ll be warm south of the border, but what if the whole way down through lethbridge is like that’ and i felt bad for lizzie because she would have to be cold too and i really lament this whole heat thing a lot because that was Susie’s MO you know? i mean she’s had her ups and downs as far as transportational abilities are concerned but the one thing you could always rely on was that she’d be toasty and she really heats up in no time at all because the cab’s so small i mean it really takes no time at all and so now this whole heat thing has me pretty sad to be honest

but what do you know she ran great all the way down to LA and didn’t even complain at all through that tricky hilly pass in idaho i mean she hardly turns on a dime but she’s steady as a rock and smooth as hell on the road and comforatble too i mean my butt wasn’t even sore and we’re talking after 17 hours of solid rippin here boys – so then we finally roll into LA and now we gotta take er on all these crazy LA freeways where you go from a stop sign to like 55 mph but you know we’re making out just fine and gettin everywhere we need to be and again no complaints and to be honest the gas on the way down wasn’t even as much as I thought it would be and that’s not just because gas is cheap right now and everything i mean i really though it would be more

LA’s a pressure cooker of heat and traffic and highland park is overflowing with life that bubbles up over people’s fences and spills out all over their lawns and into the streets and you can hear their music and smell their food and god oh god it’s so nice wish i could bottle some of that is the cliche but if you’ve been down there you know what i’m talking about and whether you loved it or hated it and just covered your eyes and plugged your ears until you made it to Disneyland or whatever you have to admit that shit affected you

now we’re on the way back and i’m writing from a less-than-spectacular roadside whose most redeeming virtue right now is that it’s better than the last one anyway and lizzie’s asleep here and i’m about to turn in – we’re hauling about 80 000 feet of 65mm film and two cameras and mags and lenses back to Canada and we got more packed in there than i think we ever packed in there before and i just wanted to take a moment to appreciate a workhorse

until next time

Dylan – Helena, Montana

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