Making a new short film. I was going to call it Wild Roses, but then my friend Katrina pointed out to me that there was a short-lived CBC series recently called Wild Roses. So I think I’m going to call it Peak Oil.

Here’s an excerpt from a NOT failed grant application that explains a bit about what the movie is about:

With this film I am trying to represent conflict that feels very real and present to me in my city of Edmonton, and across the province: the inherent conflict between the oil business and the belief in the family unit. I think those two forces are inherently incongruous – as things stand now, they can’t exist simultaneously, or at least not harmoniously. People are pulled apart by distance, and by the overwhelmingly masculine, testosterone-fueled culture of oil work that inevitably seeps in and poisons tender moments. I’m interested in shining a light on relationships that are affected by these factors, in the hope that it resonates with people and helps to in some way describe this bizarre and beautiful corner of the world we inhabit, huddled together for warmth. I want to push people’s expectations and force them to confront the insecurities bubbling away behind the tepid surface of their friendly, Canadian, chapped-lipped smiles.

Excited to share it soon!

Until next time!

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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