DRH: Hey guys, just wondering why my CC subscription went up to $69/month from $49/month. Your Canadian clients are getting DESTROYED on the exchange rate as it is.

NOORUL: Welcome to Adobe Customer Support!

DRH: Hey.

NOORUL: Can you provide the email address linked to your Adobe account so I can review your account history?


NOORUL: Thank you. Please wait 2-3 minutes for me to review.

DRH: You bet.

NOORUL: Thank you for waiting!

DRH: No problem.

NOORUL: You originally subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud for two years in March 2014 at $49/month. Since then, the price has increased to $69/month. Your subscription was renewed at this price – that is why your bill has gone up.

DRH: Yeah. I figured. Thanks for confirming. It is pretty sleezy and terrible but such is the nature of capitalism.

NOORUL: You are welcome! Is there any thing else I can help you with today?

DRH: Permanently dismantle capitalism? Create a new and better world where everything is open source and we value art and love more than exploitation?

NOORUL: I would love to help with this but unfortunately there are few things we cannot control. This is one of them.

DRH. Thanks, Noorul. I appreciate your position. Hope things are good wherever you are.

NOORUL: You are welcome. Well we are global. Can I officially list this issue as resolved?

DRH: Yeah. Thank you for your time.

DRH: (feels hopeful that one day this will REALLY be resolved)



Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB


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