Making videos with Doug Hoyer means a lot to me.

Doug was the first person to ask me to make a music video. It’s still one of my favourite pieces, especially as far as stuff that I’ve shot myself. I love the simplicity of it, and most of all I love Doug’s performance.

Now making music videos for Albertan musicians is a big part of what I spend my time doing. Maybe that’s where I would’ve ended up regardless. But I’m sure glad that it started the way it did. Thank you, Doug.

Last fall, right before Doug moved away, we shot this new piece for a new song from Doug’s new record. It was my first time collaborating with cinematographer Tom Gunia, and we’ve been working together steadily ever since. We’ll have many new things to show over the next few months. Excited about all of them.

I’ve always wanted to try out this trick that Spike Lee does all the time: putting actors on a dolly, so that they stay still while the world moves around them. So we combined that with this idea of Doug “floating” through the world blindfolded, like a weird, wonderful dream.

Hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do, and that the pictures we put together do it some justice.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB



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