Crazy to think that it was over a year ago that we filmed this video.

It was probably the most challenging shoot I’ve put together so far. Local film technology wizard Larry Kelly put together a custom-built sled that the DP/camera operator Christina could sit on while we followed Jesse on the ice. We’d never used a Ronin before and we kept throwing off the horizon…it was bit of a nightmare. The arena was very expensive to rent for the day, so it was stressful when we inevitably started running overtime. I felt bad because the dancers were just waiting around in this cold arena while we messed around with all this technology. I feel like I don’t really have a ton of patience for the technology of filmmaking at the best of times, so when you combine that with the stress of an expensive arena rental and a feeling of not keeping your performers engaged and happy, I started to lose my cool.

It’s unfortunately pretty common to see directors and DOPs arguing in front of the crew. It’s something I really enjoy avoiding whenever I’m lucky enough to be the one running the show. But on this one there was just too much going on, and too much going wrong.

I think was able to put together a nice video in the end, and people seem to really get a kick out of it (mostly because it’s great watching Jesse do his thing!). Inevitably though, when I look at this, I just see all the shots we had to compromise on, how I could’ve/should’ve planned better, etc. Lots of lessons learned, though!

I guess we were sort of asking for it given the name of the song!

Regardless, hope you enjoy!

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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