Well okay, playing a bit of catch-up here. But it’s better than letting the “series” go unfinished, no?

We wrapped the shoot on Friday night. Lizzie seemed to gain more confidence with every passing day. It’ll be a hell of an edit (we shot about 500GB worth of ProRes for a probably 8-10 minute film), but I think there’s a really nice movie in there and I’m really proud of the images that Tom, Jenna, and I collaborated on.

Al - our leading man.
Al – our leading man.

The best part about making this movie was the family we created there in that weird dorm at the bible college. Ashleigh’s oldest running around harassing us, trying to stick his fingers in our ears or grabbing ahold of our legs and making us drag him around; Ashleigh’s youngest waving his arms in pure elation in front of the laptop screen, celebrating video game victories; meals prepared cooperatively and enjoyed graciously; vulnerably honest conversations going late into the night over tea and bourbon.  Truth be told I think it was tough for Lizzie and me to go back to our comparatively quiet apartment. Fortunately Tom lives downstairs and it happened to be his birthday the night we all got back. We drank whisky and ended up watching the convenience store scene from No Country For Old Men. At some point Lizzie realized we had left all the empty beer cans under the sink at our dorm, the dorm at which alcohol is strictly forbidden. So maybe we might not get called back to visit Caronport any time soon. But I think if you ask Lizzie, she’d say that this film, and the process of making it, might have finally expunged any need to revisit those old ghosts. Anytime soon, at least.

Tom Gunia. The man. The myth. The legend. As photographed BRILLIANTLY* by yours truly. *sarcasm

This week I’m down in Waterton with my dad and my brother on a bit of a vacation that’s been a long time coming for us. We’re going to spend the week hiking and reading and talking and I’m going to take some photos and maybe even make it back home in time to play my basketball game on Thursday night. We’ve already been to the top of a tiny mountain and the wind was so strong that if you jumped straight up you’d sail about five feet forwards. We laughed and laughed and somehow managed not to loose a single hat.





Until next time.

Dylan – Cardston, AB

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