Two filmmakers on that too-familiar stretch of prairie highway between Edmonton and Calgary. Driving north. It is early afternoon, not late enough for the setting sun to be caught in your peripheral vision like you’re used to, coming home from camping trips in the mountains as a kid. It is not an unattractive day. The snow is melting, but it is not yet warm enough to breathe life into the withered ground so it sulks brown and bare and fallow still.

The inside of a moving vehicle is an incubator for conversation. Two people who are approaching thirty have a lot to say about themselves. Maybe they are both just starting to catch a glimpse of who they are, or who they can be. They are tired. There is a way in which exhaustion facilitates honesty, as though you lose the requisite energy to hold up your walls and everything comes rushing out. These pockets of reflection and honesty happen too infrequently. But they cannot be forced. Remember to appreciate them when they occur, and embrace their casual gravity that quietly parallels tectonic shifts.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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