In the years to come, I vow to proudly stand beside you through the whirl and tumult, the sturm und drang, the elation, the triumph, the agony, the sheer cosmic wonder that is every human life, but yours in particular (on this I think we can all agree *pause for general affirmation/enthusiastic nodding from the assembled masses*). I’m not so naive as to think that our proverbial paths crossing when they did was any kind of accident. I wear this responsibility regally, with all the requisite ostentation associated. At the same time: I vow to take quiet shelter beneath its cloak during those times where the weight of the world and our choices within it feel altogether too much to bear.

I guess this is how I understand the parameters we are defining and re-defining today: not as some institutional burden to be debated and dissected in churches and courtrooms, but as the universe very naturally sorting itself out, a cosmic equation balancing in the form of two humble humans deciding to share their lives with one another, a whole that is definitively greater than the sum of its parts. 

I will be patient. I will be present. I will listen. I will grow and change, as you will. I will not judge, nor condescend. I will respect your choices, and I expect I will agree with the vast majority of them *pause for knowing laughter/applause*. I will respect your right to like and love whomever you choose, in whatever way you choose. I will not expect nor demand that you choose me every single day, but in my small and simple ways, I will celebrate every day that you do.

There are so many questions I expect I will never know the answers to. Confronted with the intimidating reality of a life-long maelstrom of uncertainty, imagine my relief to at least know the answers to the following: who is my best friend? Who will be the mother of my children? Who is the person for whom, regardless of whatever unexpected turns life inevitably has in store, regardless of how our relationship shifts, changes, transitions, I will always harbour unparalleled respect and love? Lizzie: it’s you. Thank you.


Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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