I was recently hosted by some Edmonton-based podcasters who do a weekly film review from a critical left-wing viewpoint. We had a terrific conversation, mostly surrounding Peak Oil and my upcoming documentary project Digging In The Dirt, two films that engage peripherally or directly with the idea of the province-of Alberta-as-Petro-State.

I highly recommend checking out KINO LEFTER and supporting their work if it speaks to you! The interview we did is currently restricted to Patreon donors of $3 or more (support Edmonton-based media/the diversification of our sorry economy!), but it will be available for all in September to coincide with the release of Digging In The Dirt, which will air on CBC Television in Alberta on September 14th at 7 PM and launch on-demand on CBC’s steaming platform, CBC Gem, at the same time.

Find the interview here:

I will write more about Digging In The Dirt soon — I’ve neglected this blog for long enough.

I hope everyone is having an excellent day.

Until next time.

Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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