“Hey man wanna come do my podcast? You pick you fav movie and we talk about it it’s called Jurassic Par.”


“Oh hell yeah man I know JURASSIC PARK backwards and forwards. what if I want to argue that it’s the best Hollywood blockbuster of all time? What if I choose JURASSIC PARK, SImon?”

“And I argue something else? We caaaan do jurasssic park”

“No no that’s cool. Hmm MAGNOLIA is one of my favourite movies and it might be fun to discuss because it is so messy an imperfect and a lot of people hate it Also thank you for the invitation haha sorry that should’ve been the first thing I said.”

“Magnolia it is! When can you record?”

“Pretty open next week! Any day besides Monday. What is good for you?”

“Tuesday ok,?”

AUGUST 13TH 10:22 AM

“Hey pal, my wife asked me to join her at therapy at 4 PM, I feel like I can’t say no…is there any chance we could pull back to 2 or even 1:30 today?”

“yeah sure! could you do noon?”

“1 would be better, I’m in a mix session right now. Is that cool?”

“no problem”

“SENSATIONAL. See you soon!”

AUGUST 13th 9:54 PM

“lol it didn’t say award winning on the fb event Oops”

AUGUST 14th 9:58 AM

“you are a hero among podcasters and among men”

AUGUST 14th 1:00 PM

“in all seriousness: nice job on the edit! And thanks again for having me!”

“Your a great guest! Let me know if you wanna do another movie sometime”



Until next time. Dylan – Edmonton, AB

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