Carrying A Camera

I’ve started taking a camera everywhere again as a way to feel more engaged with and inspired by life on a daily basis. I found I’d lost much of the inherent joy the creation of images used to bring me, bogged down instead by a sense of entitlement, a sense that if I’m not getting paid to record something it’s not worth documenting. But this is a terribly cynical way to move through life and an especially negative outlook towards something I profess to love deeply. A happy person will tell you that the key to their happiness is remembering that life is full of spontaneous beauty. The act of carrying a camera symbolizes a devotion to this beauty and a desire to share it with others. For me I think it also represents a willingness to accept the fact that I deserve to be here, to exist, as much as anyone or anything else. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to accept, but if carrying a camera assuages this guilt and replaces it with a feeling of excitement about the ominous beauty of an industrial park in the late afternoon light or a feeling of pride surrounding the glamorous look my wife has put together for her latest poetry reading then I will continue to carry one. I will continue.

Here are some favourites from the last few months. I hope this finds you well, wherever and whoever you are.

Until next time,

Dylan – Edmonton, AB


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