RETROSPECTIVE : “Oh, The Wind Will Blow”

Hey all,

It’s an unprecedented era of uncertainty for a lot of people right now. For me, it’s a pretty precedented era of uncertainty; not knowing what I’m going to be doing next month or even next week is pretty much SOP at this point.

I empathize deeply for those who have been directly affected by the pandemic either through loss of life, illness, or fear. For myself — and I think for a lot of creative people — this pause in the global hustle has brought an opportunity to re-prioritize and re-focus. Correspondingly, I’ve been able to carry out a re-invention that I’d been planning for a few months. The new moniker Nnett Rhys brings with it an opportunity to keep my art life a bit more separate from my personal life, a separation that was very much needed, an escape from the Instagram-fuelled rat race of personal brands that can insidiously distort reality.

But, at the risk of sounding distressingly cliché: you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. So I’ve decided to re-emerge from a few months of internet silence by going back through my near decade’s worth (!) of previous work and selectively highlighting some of my favourite projects.

So we start at the very beginning, with Oh, The Wind Will Blow. The first music video I ever made. The first music video I was ever asked to make! Still one of my favourite projects after all these years, Doug’s lovingly sincere ballet with a car lamp (and homage to David Byrne’s performance of “This Must Be The Place” in Stop Making Sense) continues to warm my heart. I love the simplicity of the concept and the effectiveness of our execution. Shot on my trusty old Canon 7D — the camera that defined my entry into making little movies — at FAVA’s exhibition suite in the old Ortona Armoury where so, so, so, much bizarre and beautiful work has happened. Nothing but great memories associated with this one. Thank you, Doug, for giving me my start!

Hope you enjoy this and above all: hope that you are well!

Until next time,

– Nn

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