This little movie was made because my friend Doug Hoyer (of Oh, The Wind Will Blow fame) told me that the Sled Island music festival in Calgary had a film component and the deadline was in 10 days and I should make something and submit. I thought about musicians in Edmonton I wanted to make a movie a movie about and top of the list was Liam Trimble. So I followed him around with my 7D for a few days and stayed up all night cutting this thing together and sent it to Sled Island, my first ever “festival submission” and it got in. It was a big deal for me, probably one of the first times I really felt like a filmmaker…it got me a free pass to Sled Island and I spent a hazy two or three days stumbling back and forth between 7th and 17th in Calgary, between my friends’ weird sets at Tubby Dog and bands like Timber Timbre and Feist at bigger venues.

The song Liam plays at the end is still one of the most magical and serendipitous things I’ve ever filmed. We only did the one take and I had no idea what he was going to do, no idea he was going to walk down the alley like that, no idea it was dark enough that people’s motion-sensor garage lights would start going off as we made our way. I still can’t believe the way it turned out, and how good it looks and sounds considering I was just hand-bombing my 7D on a 24mm lens and recording sound with a camera-mounted Rode video mic with the gain set to auto! Just one of those things. One of those things that keep you coming back to filmmaking. One of those reasons why you should just pick up a camera and start rolling. Every day if you can. Think less. Shoot more. I should take my own advice.

Hope you enjoy! I think it’s a nice little time capsule. RIP Wunderbar. RIP Old Ugly. Hello, old friends.

– Nn

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